Volunteers. The PianoArts Family.

Volunteers enjoying the North American competition.


As a Volunteer, You are the Key to Success

Meeting a contestant at the airport, passing out programs, or using your skills and knowledge on a advisory council, are a few ways you can be a key to success. A special place is waiting for you in our PianoArts Family.

Milwaukee’s PianoArts Family is known for hospitality. Many of our guests become friends for life. To experience this adventure, join our volunteers and participate in one of these activities, to name just a few:

• Host a contestant or contestant and parent (good piano needed)
• Help coordinate contestant schedules and prepare packets
• Participate as a “backstage” mom
• Provide transportation for judges and contestants
• Document the competition with photography or video
• Turn pages for a musician (rehearsals and competition)
• Entertain guest artists and judges for lunch and/or dinner
• Provide refreshments
• Provide tours of the city for our out of town guests
• Open your home to host a soirée featuring a PianoArts fellow
• Provide transportation for contestants performing community programs during the competition and festival

Volunteer committees work with staff and the board on concert programs, marketing, fund-raising, and friends-raising. If you are interested in meeting fascinating people and in sharing your expertise, phone Sue Medford for more information on these exciting activities.

Phone 414-962-3055 or Email: Info@PianoArts.org