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Fellow Aleksandra Kasman performing for students at Hephatha Lutheran Church.

Fellow Aleksandra Kasman performing for students at Hephatha Lutheran Church.

You can make a difference by supporting school music classes, instrumental instruction, and community concerts.

Sponsors bring together the dynamic artistry of a young PianoArts fellow with local artists to teach and perform for a diversity of people of all ages and walks of life.

• Music Explorers

A popular curriculum-based general music program, Music Explorers will help students to become better listeners, develop vocabulary, and write about what they hear. Sessions include three in-school classes by a teaching artist, a fellow’s classroom visit, and a Youth Concert presented by the fellow with a “Spotlight Performer,” a local singer or instrumentalist, and a writing challenge.

• Student-to-Student (for Elementary and Middle Schools)

Small group gatherings that encourage conversation and provide the close-up experience of an exciting performance by a PianoArts fellow, Student-to-Student is tailored to the needs or talents of the participants.

• Youth and Family Concerts

Dynamic and captivating concerts presented by PianoArts fellows, these programs are eagerly anticipated community events. Hosted by partners with grand pianos, the concerts are held in churches, schools, hospitals, Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, White House of Music, Steinway Gallery of Milwaukee, Milwaukee Art Museum, Peck School of the Arts at UW-Milwaukee, and Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts.

• Student-to-Student (for High School Students)

Small group gatherings and an exciting performance by a PianoArts fellow, Student-to-Student can be integrated into many disciplines. Programs have themes, such as “Story Telling with Music.” Presentations can be spoken in French, Russian, Mandarin, or other languages, and coordinated with classes in mathematics, history, literature, visual arts, music analysis, or instrumental and vocal music.

• ArtsDay for Young Urban Leaders

A day of discovery, ArtsDay provides young leaders with the opportunity to participate in a docent-led art museum tour, meet a young visual artist, attend a concert performed by PianoArts fellows with selected local high school students, and network with peers.

• Chamber Music with Piano and Vocal/Piano Performance

In-school coaching sessions by teaching artists and PianoArts fellows culminate in the school’s participation in Wisconsin School Music Solo and Ensemble Auditions. Chamber music meet-ups  bring together urban and suburban schools. Other  performances include concerts for elementary students and neighborhood retirement residences.

• Especially for Pianists

Local young pianists and a PianoArts fellow perform an exchange public concert that includes speaking about the music. The question and answer session provides pianists with an opportunity to share common experiences.This event is a collaboration with music teacher associations who develop the theme and invite performing students.

• Spotlight Performers

Showcasing local talent, Spotlight Performers are youth and adult musicians who rehearse and perform with fellows in public concerts.

• College Connections

Colleges partner with PianoArts to implement the Music Explorers curriculum in a local elementary school and host a Youth/Family Concert. A local teaching artist, PianoArts fellow, and college student teach in-school classes.

Following the Youth Concert, college students and the fellow discuss and evaluate the curriclum. Frequently, the fellow also will perform and give a Master Class.

How You Can Help CommunityArts and Education

• $200 – support for a Student-to-Student performance
• $400 – sponsor a Youth Concert in a school with piano
• $800 – present a neighborhood Youth or Family Concert
• $1,000 – underwrite a school with Music Explorer classes
• $2,500 – support Chamber Music with Piano in a school
• $5,000 – sponsor ArtsDay for Young Urban Leaders, with
in-school activities

As a CommunityArts partner, you will be invited to the event and receive recognition throughout the season in printed and online materials.

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Meet the Education Team

PianoArtists bridge meaningful and creative relationships within our communities.

PianoArts fellows, in collaboration with teaching artists, educators,
and professional musicians prepare concerts, curriculum, and instrumental music classes.

Highly qualified local teaching artists teach in-school classes to prepare students in Music Explorers for presentations by the fellows and instrumental students for sessions with master teachers and fellows.

Master teachers (artists-in-residence) coach vocal with piano and chamber music with piano. Included are PianoArts alumni, Prometheus Trio, and Milwaukee Symphony musicians.

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