All semifinalists (PianoArtists) have two rehearsals with Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra duo partners before performing for the jury and audience. MSO Second Violin Assistant Principal Timothy Klabunde prepares a competition performance with a PianoArtist.


February 9 Application postmark deadline, including
$125 non-refundable application fee.
February 23 Preliminary round video submission.
Early March Preliminary round. The jury will advance
up to ten contestants to the semifinals.
May 30 Registration, including registration fee of
$250. Drawing for placement in competition.
Rehearsals. Recital by a PianoArts winner
from a previous year.
May 31 Rehearsals. Private coaching sessions on
speaking about music. Workshop with a
stage director.
June 1 Semifinal Solo Recitals.
June 2 Rehearsals. Pilates for musicians.
June 3 Semifinal Collaborative Recitals,
including duos with musicians from the
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. The
international jury will advance three
semifinalists to the finals.
June 4 Classes on “Working with Conductors”
with MSO Associate Conductor Yaniv Dinur.
Concerto rehearsals with musicians
from the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.
“Careers in Music” panel discussion with
professional musicians and arts managers.
June 5 Semifinalists’ evaluations with international
jury. Concerto rehearsals with the
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.
“Piano Promenades” recital performed by
semifinalists. Final Round & Awards Concert.
Presentation of prizes and awards.
June 6 Finalists’ evaluations with the international jury.