The 2018 paper application is available.

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Video Preliminary Round submission deadline:
February 23, 2018

  1. Solo work of the contestant's choice - entire composition or movement(s).
  2. All movements of the selected concerto from the Rounds and Repertory with a second pianist performing the orchestral reduction.
  3. The video must show the hands and face of the applicant.
  4. Video can be submitted via DVD or YouTube. (see application)
  1. The same concerto will be performed throughout the competition.
  2. Contestants may submit concerto performances with orchestra, provided the concerto is the same to be performed in this competition and the video shows hands and face of applicant.
Listing the program (paper copy; via email,; or DVD menu)
  1. Full titles with names of composers.
  2. Timings for the concerto: soloist entrance - development section - cadenza, movement two and movement three.
  3. Contestant's name on DVD recording and case.
Preparing your video recording
  1. The two pianos should be tuned together.
  2. The second piano lid should be raised, using the half stick. If the videographer finds that the second piano is overpowering the solo piano, try to adjust the placement of the microphone.
  3. Produce the best sound quality possible, even if it means assistance by a recording expert.
  4. Perform in concert attire.
  5. Review the video before sending.

Application Packet

Application deadline:
February 9, 2018

Include with application packet:
  1. Application
    (please consult the website’s Rounds and Repertory and Requirements and Guidelines)
  2. Proof of age
    (photocopy of birth certificate, driver’s license, or passport)
  3. Two different color photographs (no smaller than 5”x7”, minimum 1200 x 1650 pixels at 300 dpi by e-mail, disk, or hard copies)
  4. Recommendation by the current teacher via mail or email:
  5. Non–refundable application fee of $125 (online via Paypal, personal check, or international money order payable to PianoArts)
Application can be sent on-line or mailed to:
2642 North Summit Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53211
T: 414.962.3055


Application Packet with video may be mailed together.
Unless requested to do so, materials in your packet and your video will not be returned to you. If a return is requested, the request should include a self addressed envelope with correct postage.

Judging Procedure

  1. Submitted videos for the preliminary round will be screened by a committee for sound quality and for contestant authentication, but not evaluated.
  2. Judges in the preliminary round will listen, but not watch. It will be a blind audition.
  3. Preliminary judges will know the applicants by number. They will also receive the applicant's current repertory and the essay "about yourself". Applicants should not include names of schools and teachers in the essay.
  4. Judges in the semifinal and final rounds will know the contestants only by number and first name.