PianoArts programs strive to excite 21st century audiences and ensure the place of classical music into the future.


The mission of PianoArts is to develop innovative ways to foster appreciation and performance of classical music. This is accomplished by identifying and training new generations of pianists with exceptional musical and verbal communication skills, preparing them for performance and presenting them to diverse audiences.

The highest profile event that fulfills this mission is the presentation of the biennial North American Piano Competition and Music Festival. A challenging piano competition for pianists of any nationality, ages 16 through 21, it has an equal emphasis on offering support to young musicians as they continue their education, give performances, develop programs, and build careers.

Striving to bring classical music to the widest possible audience, PianoArts education programs are tailored to individual schools and communities. Through a PianoArts fellowship program, selected winners in the North American competition return to Milwaukee to partner with local educators and share their artistry in Wisconsin schools.

In years opposite the North American competition, PianoArts partners with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra to present the Wisconsin Youth Piano Competition, for pianists ages 10-16. The next Wisconsin Competition will be held in 2019.

Communication is Key!
PianoArts believes that articulate musicians who perform at the highest level and are able to communicate with their audiences by speaking about music with enthusiasm, authority, and humor are at the center of keeping classical music alive and thriving.